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Your 1st Choice in Scoring Tables!

GVPro - The Premium Choice in Scoring Tables

All of our basketball scorer tables are custom built to order. Available in size from 6' to 14', we can build a table for you that will address your needs and your budget, as well as provide revenue producing options. GVPro offers a range of options, from bleacher and free-standing tables with static backlit panels to single and dual 55" high-resolution digital monitors along with static promotional panels, available in either free-standing or bleacher designs.

Quality, durability and ease of use define our basketball scorers tables. Tables come with thick padding covered in heavy-duty vinyl for protection along with premium, wood-grain laminate tops. Monitor systems are protected by shatterproof Lexan. Each table can be setup and taken down by a single person without tools and all fold down to 16" thick for easy transport and storage. And of course, our basketball scorers tables are built right here in the USA! Expore our table offerings below:

Bleacher Scorer's Tables

Bleacher scorer's tables are 41" high x 31" wide and are individually made to meet your bleacher manufacturer's specifications. They are designed to be used where court-side room is limited by extending only 15" from the edge of the bleachers. Available in Flat or Angled front, these scorer's tables come with backlit panels to promote your team or sponsors, and can be ordered in 6', 8', 10' and 12' lengths. Click here for more details.

Flat-front Freestanding Scorers Tables

GVPro's flat-front freestanding tables measure 31" high x 31" or 25" wide and fold down to 16" wide for easy storage. Available in 6', 8', 10', 12' and 14' lengths, these tables come with backlit promotional panels and bright built-in LED possession arrows and bonus lights (optional). Tables are outfitted with thick padding covered with heavy-duty vinyl in colors to match your school's logos. Click here for more details.

Angled-front Freestanding Scoring Tables

Our angled-front freestanding scoring tables measure 31" high x 31" or 25" wide and are available in 6', 8', 10', 12' and 14' lengths. Scoring tables can come with backlit promotional panels and bright built-in LED possession arrows and bonus lights. Outfitted with thick padding covered with heavy-duty vinyl in colors to match your school's logos, they fold down to 16" wide for easy storage. Click here for more details.

Single Monitor Digital Scorers Table

Increase your sponsor revenue stream with this single monitor digital scorers table. Available in 8' and 10' lengths, each is equipped with a high-definition 55" monitor with superb display to showcase your players, upcoming games, concessions and paying sponsors, etc. Digital scorers tables also include two backlt static promotional panels and are extremely durable with the monitor protected by shatterproof Lexan. Every table folds down to 16" for easy storage and single person setup and handling. This digital scorers table can also be built to fit bleachers. Click here for more details.

Dual Monitor Digital Scoring Table

Maximize your sponsorship revenue with the GV Pro's Digital Scoring Table. Featuring TWO 55" high-definition monitors, you can double your ability to showcase sponsors, increasing revenue for your basketball, volleyball and wrestling programs. Available in 10' and 12' sizes, our dual monitor digital scoring table can also be designed to fit bleachers. The monitors are protected by shatterproof Lexan and tables protected with thick padding covered in heavy-duty vinyl. Easy single person setup and takedown, the whole unit folds down to 16" for easy storage. For more details click here.


Team Sideline Chairs

GVPro Padded Team Sideline Chairs and Locker Room Chairs

GV Pro's custom padded folding chairs are the ultimate basketball sideline chair in design and construction. All of our team chairs are made of heavy 18 gauge steel for strength and durability. Frames are welded and powder coated to withstand years of hard wear and tear. Cushions are high density foam, covered with marine grade vinyl for strength, durability, and lasting comfort unexpected in a foldable chair, making it perfect for team sideline seating or team locker room seating. GV PRO courtside team chairs are all equipped with interlocking brackets as standard equipment. This bracket system allows you to lock and unlock your chairs to form an evenly spaced, straight non-moving courtside row. Custom printing and complete design assistance is also available. For more details, click here.

Folding Team Chair Carts

Easily transport and store your team sideline chairs with our folding chair caddy. Equipped with two fixed and two locking casters. Made from powder coated steel. Beige only. Optional protective vinyl cover. Click here for more information.


Basketball Scoreboards


GVPro Wall-mounted Digital Scoreboards

When considering wall-mounted digital basketball scoreboards for your school, choose a system that meets the specific needs of your program. GVPro has teamed up with Daktronics to help you choose the right scoreboard. You can customize each board to meet your requirements, with a variety of sizes, colors and options to choose from, including player stat panels. Consider adding sponsorship panels so that your scoreboard can be a profit source for your athletic programs. The scoreboards are easy to install and use, and can also score volleyball and wrestling.

Elevate your program today with quality scoreboard solutions from GVPro. Click here to for more information.


School Events Podiums

Podiums and Lecterns

Enhance your school image at pep rallies, assemblies, graduation, sport tournaments and banquets with our solid, handcrafted wooden podiums and lecterns. Can be customized with your school's logo and colors. Click here for more details.


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Note: GVProTables was also known as JVProtables.